Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Meet Ebee, our newest member of the family. That's pronounced like "email"...with the accent on the "E". Currently at 17 weeks; our talking scale tells her, "You weight 6 pounds. Have a nice day." One reason I haven't been posting her like crazy is that she is really hard to photograph. Unlike the photogenic Monk, she just catches light funny and ends up looking more like a cartoon character than the beautiful little mini aussie that she is. Wish I could take credit for these beauties but they are the work of Leighton Smith who got right down on the ground with his professional camera to capture her essence.


RE Connor said...

Cute! Beautiful fur!

Maggi said...

She is just so beautiful

NIKE said...

Play Bazaar mina jio hanji gona hio ping go chin, Dino kala rusro paki jama hino fari. Dara gun a tita kuna hali tula pula je mau. Kunalu po. Satta King hoi mono jaki tuma.