Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Patterns Now Available

My original patterns are now available in PDF format on Wool Etc! I will be adding more, so keep checking Wool Etc for more offerings. I'm going to post the patterns as projects on Ravelry for those of you who are enjoying that site. Lori of Capistrano Fiber Arts has knit this hat twice and has posted both of them in her projects on Ravelry. She goes by SpinSpin. If you haven't checked out her blog lately, you should. She has gorgeous roving and yarn for sale. I'm currently spinning some merino/tussah in Stormy Skies. It's delicious.

The first pattern I'm offering is my Four Rings Entrelac Hat. Start from a "core 4" of rectangles and build this into a seamless and very comfy hat. This challenging pattern comes complete with clear illustrations. For experienced knitters.

I knit this one from my own handspun. It's merino/angora 14 wpi approx DK weight. Allow 300 yds.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

NW Wools IS Twisted Sisters Central

NW Wools really is Twisted Sisters Central. Those of you who live in the Portland, OR area may already know that you have regular access to these awesome teachers. The following teachers are active members of the Portland area spinning group Twisted Sisters and contributors to either my sweater or sock books (or both). They teach regular ongoing classes plus specially scheduled workshops.

Jane Penny: her socks on pg 4 TSSW are knit from her Black Sheep Gathering-Reserve-Grand-Champion-winning navajo plied yarn. She teaches Drop Spindle and How to Knit Socks.
Laurie Weinsoft: The creator of Laurie's Panel Jacket in TSKS, Laurie's massive creativity and verve are channelled into Beginning and Intermediate Spinning, Adventures in Carding and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", a class devoted to getting the most out of your handpainted rovings. Laurie will wake up your creativity espresso style.
Ellen Farr: A walking knitting encyclopedia, Ellen and I have knit over the phone together, especially working out her fancy seed stitch cast ons and bind offs. She teaches one on
one help as well as no tears general knitting classes. She is lively, funny, and remarkably inventive. Not to be missed.
Jan Prewitt: Encyclopedia Volume Two, Jan's patient clear style illuminates the foggiest recesses of the knitter's brain. Jan can teach you to avoid problems and to remedy them. What a brain.
Alina Egerman: Alina is listed as a teacher, but she has recently moved to LA to get married and start a whole new life. Best Wishes, Alina. You will be sorely missed in Portland.

Sisters' Squares Sweater: The Project That Got Away. (photo above)

Speaking of Alina, she organized a very cool project for TSKS, but sadly we didn't have room to include it. We called it the Sisters Squares Sweater. Alina chose yarns and distributed them among the sisters along with handdyed fiber from Sandy and myself. Sisters then were to knit squares of their own chosing. Some knit bold stripes while others included textured patterns and stranded colorwork. Some used the yarn provided, others spun the fiber and included that yarn. Alina sent me a pile of squares and some leftover yarn and I put them together into a cropped pullover.
This pullover was an unexpected hit at the Twisted Sister Party Linda held after Black Sheep last June. She had so many requests for the pattern that she decided to do a class. For more information, contact Linda at NW Wools, 3524 SW Troy St, Portland OR 97219, 503 244-5024