Friday, April 22, 2011


Such an amber-eyed beauty
I combed Snowball one last time before we put her on the Rescue Waggin to a shelter in Wisconsin yesterday morning. She passed the temperament test, really something for an adult dog, and was able to join her 6 pups on the ride north where there are so many more chances for good homes for these dogs. 23 went in all. I really fell in love with these dogs while they were at Pat's in the pen next to Zel.

Snowball was surrendered because her family could no longer afford to keep her. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say that this darling dog deserves so much more. She came to Pat with her third litter in four years and these dogs were all darling. It was hard to pick a fave, but all in all, it had to be Vanilla, who was the spitting image of mom, and just as sweet. We introduced her to Monk but he's not going to have it and it would be hard for both of them. Dang.
'Nilla at 7 weeks

Anyway, in a perfect world, Snowball would get a home with a loving family, a family with a spinner, because her fur is primo! She smells like a rabbit, her undercoat feels like angora, white as snow and so soft. I once knew a woman in Santa Fe who spun her samoyed's hair and wove it into the most beautiful jackets. She even ended up on Johnny Carson because of these pieces. Samoyed hair is prized because not only is it the softest dog hair of all, but it has no doggy smell.
Snowball yarn and clean unspun Snowball fiber

Snowball was brought to us as an "Eskimo Dog" but she is different than the standard (the eyes being the biggest giveaway). She is taller than Monk and light as a feather...bird boned...quick and agile. She needs a gentle hand, loving attention, a big fenced yard (eskimo breeds want to take off on long journeys...think Iditarod) and lots of long walks. And a spinner.