Saturday, December 27, 2008

She Did It Again

Lori did it again!

Here's her second version of my Starry Nite Scarf. Lori spun most of the handspun yarns featured here from merino cashmere rovings I dyed last year. She spun the yarn in the Sierras on vacay, and saved them for the perfect project. I love the turquoise accents. Bold. Graphic.

Amazingly, she finished scarf #2 four days after finishing scarf #4. That's a quick knit. See her full story on her blog.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lori Knits Starry Nite

Lori Lawson just finished her own version of Starry Nite. It's so amazing to see these different from the ones I used...and so beautiful. She used her own roving for the most part, but she tells me there is one square of yarn that I spun somewhere in here. I'm quessing it's the deep charcoal, sage and lavender one, right Lori? This is gorgeous work, worthy of some mighty inspiration!

If you haven't been to my Etsy shop lately you haven't seen the new sock yarns I've posted. Also, fibers for Starry Nite are available at Three Waters Farm Etsy Shop. Mary Ann is currently compiling fiber kits for this scarf, so keep checking.

Happy Holidays to all.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Fiber Available for Starry Nite

Starry Nite is my newest design and already it's becoming the most popular pattern on my Etsy store. I designed and knit the original with my own 2-ply handspun BFL yarn as an example for my color classes so they could have a very cool project to knit with their color experiments. Now you can buy the fibers I used in the original scarf at Three Waters Farm's Etsy store. I used 6 colorways: Mediterranean, African Sunset, Lounge Lizard, Radicchio, City Nights and Black Hollyhocks. Of course as always, I threw in extra colorways here and there. Can't help it. But you can get a very similar effect from using as few as three of the above colorways. By plying them on themselves and on each other you can spin at least 6 different constantly changing coordinating yarns. My two-ply worsted weight Blue Faced Leicester wool scarf weighs 5 oz.