Monday, September 26, 2011

Fiber in the Boro

 Fiber in the Boro is just around the corner. On October 29 we'll have a new fiber festival in Middle Tennessee thanks to Jan Quarles, Darlene Dralus and crew. It's a one day fair at the Lane Ag Center in Murfreesboro. Most of it is inside, which means no rain, no cold, no wind. Ahhhh, comfort and loads upon loads of fibery goodness. Check out their website for more info...vendors, classes, etc. In addition to some of your favorite local vendors like Daily Fibers and Far Out Farm, you'll find the spectacular Rivers Edge Fiber Arts from Michigan with all their fun blends.

I'll be teaching a corespinning and tailspinning class at Fiber in the Boro. You can sign up now by going here. We'll start with basic corespinning from beautiful layered batts, then move on to handblending for color studies and myriad variation, then how to handle fleece and spin it for maximum curl and dangle. Three hours will go pretty fast. Bring your wheel with the largest orifice and hooks/guides. Know how to spin.

 And yes, I know it's been a while since I blogged. So much has happened lately. Monk got his picture in the paper...and a big one at that...on the front page of the Metro Section of Chattanooga's Times Free Press a couple weeks ago. He was Cassy Englert's posterchild for her marvelous Chattanooga Canine Rehabilitation and Wellness . You can see it at the Times Free Press website in the Moment section. But it was a couple weeks ago, so you'll have to scroll down to past "moments". You'll see a bar of photos entitled Past Moments. Go back a couple weeks till you see a photo of a spotted red dog in an underwater treadmill. There is audio! Complete with heavy breathing.

Then (as Darlene so succinctly put it) I "cleaned up" at the Tennessee State Fair spinning competition, taking home first prize for both wheel and spindle speed spinning. Guess I got a bit giddy, cuz I went and rode the mechanical bull, albeit very very slowly. No, I wasn't drunk. Just full of myself. Loved it.

Last but not least I helped to rescue 8 cats that some heathen dumped at Greens View in Sewanee last Monday. A mama, 5 adorable six week old kittens and two beautiful 6 month old females. One of those females has a marvelous home as we speak, thanks to someone in our local spinning group. But the rest need homes. These are great cats, folks, so if you are in the middle Tennessee area and would like to give a very sweet cat a home, let me know.