Friday, May 09, 2014

C.o.L.o.R inspiration

I've been a mad pinner on Pinterest for a while now. Curating is spellbinding, but the finished product, ie. the boards, illuminate my own aesthetic like nothing else I've ever been involved with. I bet this is true for all of you as well. Do you go back and look at what you've pinned? Do your groupings shed life on where and who you are right now? I bet they do.

So now I'm getting interested in Tumblr for the same reason. Inspired by my groupings on Pinterest I find it easier to compose photos, paintings, drawings of my own with a new found self awareness. Add to the fact that I finally got to upgrade my phone, the irises are blooming, spring is happening, I'm immersed in collecting my own work just as I was collecting others' on Pinterest. If you'd like to see more Lynne Vogel originals, please follow me on Tumblr .

And please enjoy these photos of our local iris. Most of these photos were taken in our own yard with the exception of the lavender speckled ones which live in front of the dean's house down the street.