Monday, July 03, 2006

We're Baaack

Sandy and I returned yesterday from our first Shakaerag 2005 Reunion workshop in Crane Hill, Alabama. A good time was had by all. Not only was it a great class, but the Red Rooster Retreat was a marvelous venue, complete with good food, a pool, and a beautiful lake. Jim the proprietor took us on an hourlong cruise of the lake on his pontoon boat. It was a sultry summer evening with distant rosy thunderheads and that Alabama glow on green water. Nothing better than messing about in boats to soothe after a busy day. We'll just have to go back there again.

Sandy will stay till the 5th, so we are now busy eating ourselves silly in preparation for the 4th. A dear fraternal alumnus and his friend have arrived from way deep in Alabama with great frigging wadges of seafood and slabs of meat, coolers of refreshments, stacks of music. We have turned the house into Seldon Hall and won't let up till it's burned to the ground. I'm hoping I'll still be able to stagger out to the annual Mutt Show ring with Monk tomorrow morning to perform the fancy little trick we've worked on all year long. Last night we dined on juicy steaks the size of basketballs. Sandy survived the transmogrification from hen party to boys nite out with flying colors. Way to go, Sandy!!!

As summer wears on all my classes are full except for Taos. Sandy and I will be teaching Spinning for Colorwork Knitting Wed, Oct 3-Fri, Oct 5th. Check out for schedule and details, and check back here after the 4th for more details! Be there or be square. (sorry...just had to say that...)