Sunday, September 04, 2016


Jillian Moreno has just released a fabulous new book Yarnitecture. It's a spinner's bible, full of techniques and projects, all geared towards spinning the yarn you want for the project you want with a heavy emphasis on color color color. Jillian has an upbeat way of organizing information and describing that which can only be considered tactile, making it fun and easily accessible. The first half of the book is full of spinning techniques...the "how you get the yarn you want" section. Then comes the "project you want" section with 12 fun projects for handspun yarns complete with very cool "spinning notes" about the specific yarns with each.

I am honored to have a project in this section, the Sweet Omega Moebius Wrap. Its a combinination of knitting and crochet for a unique look.  The aran weight singles yarn is quick to spin, especially from Three Waters Farm 40% merino/40% superwash merino/20% tussah silk fiber which splits so beautifully and drafts like a dream. The pattern is very forgiving to handspun; size isn't crucial with a wrap.  Project patterns aren't listed on ravelry yet but when they are I'll come back and add the link.