Monday, March 26, 2007

Flamingo and Mitt

Sandy, you are a bad, bad influence. Now just look what's in my yard. Shame, shame. Not only is she completely tacky, she's missing one leg to boot, but seems unphased. As a side note, the mitt I"m wearing is knit from the dye along yarns. I had to knit something very textured to match the feel of these yarns. Instead of using a fair isle pattern like the one in your mitts, I used the interrupted rib from my sock book and turned it into a mitt. I like it.
I really wanted more of Pam's dark roving from our dye along, but by the time I realized that both Sandy and Pam had spun up all of it. So off to the dyepot to try and copy a hot pour. Good luck. But as luck would have it, I did ok. Below left, the small piece is Pam's, the big hank is mine. Now I do have enough for a pair of plain, wear-'em-into-the-ground socks...the kind I like best. I'll spin the big hank for the main part of the sock and keep Pam's original for heels, toes, and other places that I want darker.
Now that I"ve made mitts, I"ll use the rest of the yarns for something else. But this has been fun because I discovered within this melange a few new simpler color combinations that I really like and am racing in a new direction with these.
And I'm dyeing yarns too, which has been very very satisfying.

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Pam said...

Damn girl! Look at you and your mitts (which I have to admit I had already seen, if I am going to be honest) They are gorgeous! And my yarn isn't even dry yet. I think I am going to do entrelac. Either socks or a wall hanging. I know Sandy is going to do entrelac too, but I wanted to do it since I first saw the yarn. We can compare.