Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Justify Your Stash

Justify all the small amounts of fiber in fiber stash by spinning for my new pattern "Justify" which just went live on Knitty! My accompanying article on Knittyspin, Color Combining 101, walks through my process of selecting and combining colorways of handpainted roving for this awesome and easy wrap. It will give you plenty of pointers on how to use the fibers you've been collecting with no particular project in mind, purchases you made on the basis of beauty alone. But there's more. You can now purchase my colors in a new fiber kit from Three Waters Farm.

LV ltd for Three Waters Farm is a brand new collaboration. Master dyer Mary Ann Pagano of Three Waters Farm and I are now putting our heads together to make my colorways more widely available. Until now I've only been able to dye fiber for my classes, because after several eye surgerys I've become too sensitive to the dyes to do production dyeing, only offering my handdyed fiber and yarn as part of my workshops. Our dye relationship started last summer when I gave Jean Lampe a skein of my handdyed yarn as a gift. She immediately knit a pair of socks and she will include this pattern in her co-authored book which is due to come out in 2008 (I'll post all that info when I know more). She loved my yarn so much she asked for a man's colorway and I quickly obliged. When she asked where the yarn would be available for knitters I gasped! That's when I called Mary Ann. She dyed the colorways so beautifully that I thought she had sent me back my own yarns! So we are both excited to announce our collaboration in the form of LV ltd @ Three Waters Farm.