Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Three Waters Farm Website

Stephen has posted all the new spring colors on the Three Waters Farm website! Check 'em out...awesome. Fiber and yarn...yowwy zowwy. 8 pages of 'em!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Feast for the Colorstarved

Couture on yarn. Combine it with Right as Rain.

Here's a riff on "Right as Rain" (see blog below) on fingering weight yarn. Tiny dots of color knit up as single stitches providing a pointalist background to the longer colorbands.

Eye Candy

More colors you'll see at Three Waters Farm booth at Maryland Sheep and Wool. (main building B23)
Semi Pink



Tidepools Riff

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Warning! Color Maniacs at Maryland Sheep and Wool

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2008 is next weekend, May 3 & 4, and my colors will be there! If you’re going, don’t miss the Three Waters Farm booth: B23 in the Main building. As two completely unbridled color maniacs, Mary Ann Pagano and I in collaboration are very pleased to bring you “LV ltd for Three Waters Farm: handpainted fiber and yarn”.

Warning! Colormania! The Three Waters Farm booth will be a color FEAST (bring extra napkins). For starters you’ll find a complete selection of the colorways and fibers I used in “Justify” such as Tuscany, Undercurrent, Velarde, Sunshine, Roses and TWF’s own Lotus. My new spring color line will debut on both yarn and fiber including colorways (see photo) Right as Rain (jungle leaves and flowers), Semi-Precious (spring for rockhounds) and Tidepools (hang out in the underwater grasses).  Plus: a large Riff Redux selection of a new earthtoned palette called Hug Point, rich with basalt browns and clay greys, deep viridien greens, chalky earth ochres and purply shadow tones, named after the Oregon sea cliff of the same name. All colorways will appear on fiber and many on an array of yarns. Add this to Mary Ann’s gorgeous new collection of rich colorways such as City Nights (see photo)(broody jewels), Coustea (swim with dolphins), Lilac (can you resist blue and purple…huh, huh?), Couture (mauve velvet and pink lipstick with an earthy vengeance) and Lothlorien (party with a forest fairy) for a totally decadent outpouring.

I’m so stoked about our colors. Even though each colorway stands on its own, they are coordinated as a group, offering the spinner or knitter with an artistic eye a diverse palette with so many possibilities. For example, my spring colors all dovetail into each other; colorfield anyone? Or toss together Lothlorien and Hug Point, marry Lotus, Couture and Semi Precious Pink Riff. Pull Tuscany, Undercurrent and Cousteau. To make it even more decadent, Mary Ann has dyed many of these colorways in what she calls “Riff Redux”. She starts with one colorway, then takes a section and riffs on those colors, dyeing many different but related hanks. She has done this SO magnificently with my colorways of Semi-Precious and Hug Point…bet you can’t spin just one!

As an added bonus, the original Justify wrap (Knitty, Winter 2007) and Spirogyra fingerless gloves (Knitty, Spring 2008) will be on display in the booth. As you know the patterns for these are still available for free on Knitty. Three Waters Farm will also have patterns of some of my other designs available for purchase, including Superfluity, Spiralling Leaves Fingerless Gloves, Pumpkin Treasure Bag and the Tiny Triangle series of fingerless gloves, writstlets and socks. Superfluity kits will be available in several colorway combinations or you can dream up your own.

If you can’t make it to Maryland, keep checking for updates at the Three Waters Farm website or contact Mary Ann with specific requests. And don’t forget that TWF has signed copies of both my books. 

Check back in the next couple days. There should be more color photos by then.

cheers, Lynne