Saturday, March 10, 2007

Free Pattern

Sandy knit these tres fun mitts from her handspun stash. Want the pattern? It's free. Just go to wool etc. and check it out. I love the assymetrical effect, but those of you who are symmetrically inclined get a twofer! You can add thumbs to these too...instructions are in the pattern. Check out her blog for her three versions.
Sandy, Pam and I are going to do a dye swap. We'll pick three stock colors we all have, then use them any way we wish, and add one more color to the mix. Pam and I are getting together here tomorrow to dye our fibers for the swap. We'll blog our results as we go along...the dyed fiber, the yarn, the knitted item. I'll knit these mitts with thumbs...probably with a few small changes too...can't ever do anything the same way would be against my religion. Anyway, I'll tell you what I did when I do it. Stay tuned.

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