Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lynne Vogel * LV ltd * limited edition

Yes, there was quite a dry period there for a while…one might call it a drought. But my second book, The Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters, a Knit to Fit Workshop is in the final stages of production, due to arrive for my review in about two weeks then off to the printer. Finally! So with nothing to do (yeah right) I started a yarn line. Good handspun yarn is one of those pricey yet priceless commodoties…when you can find it. And I knew I could never spin enough to have a line all by myself. But after mind melding with Carla Kohoyda Inglis of Michigan’s Spinner’s Flock and Pam Harris of Twisted Friends, spinners started stepping out of the woodwork. I dye the fiber, they spin. Kismet.

The line is called Lynne Vogel * Limited because it is just that. Limited amounts of one-of-a- kind colorways. Don’t expect to find enough yarn to make a one color sweater here. Do expect to find dazzlingly beautiful unique yarns for small projects or for use in combination. And do expect to find impeccably soft and touchable yarns…no scratchy, lumpy, greasy stiff stuff full of veg matter here….no way. Yarns are mostly two ply (with the occasional laceweight single) and range from Blue Faced Leicester wool or superwash Colonial sock yarns to Merino/Bombyx or Alpaca/Tussah luxury blends. There are no special orders available…sorry. What you see is what you get. After all. This is the nature of handspun.
At this point there are only two places you can buy my yarn. La Petite Knitterie in Ladera Ranch, CA and Harrisville Designs in Harrisville, NH. (You can find my handdyed fibers at Harrisville as well.) Production is in the baby stages, so internet sales are not an option yet and these yarns aren't on their websites. But call them if you can't visit in person. They'll be glad to help you.


Pippi said...

YAY! They are looking stunning from over here!
& More Yay for your new book in the hands of the printers.


Pam said...
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K2Karen said...

I see that amazon has your new book available for pre-order. here's the link:

I've already pre-ordered it! Thanks, Lynne!

Sandy said...

whoo hoo!! those yarns look fabulous. good job!!