Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Endless Combinations

Whenever I start combining colors and colorways, look out. Once that train gets arollin' there is no stopping it. I spun up a smattering of all of our colorways and plied them on themselves...and you've seen those already on Sandy's and Pam's blogs. So I"ll go into how I started messing with them beyond that point.

First off, I loved Pam's so much I didn't want to mess with them. I am saving them for socks...will just spin em up straight and ply on themselves and hoard in the stash. I did separate the darker (above left) and lighter (above right) bits of her darker colorway and spun small samples. Although I like these, I really like the entire thing all spun together(above, second from right), and since there is no way to duplicate this baby and there isn't enough to play with and still have enough for socks, I'll spin it straight. I really do like my purple (above second from left) yarn with it as an accent tho (see below for more on the purple yarn).

I wanted some yarns that weren't quite so variegated
so decided to take half of my darker colorway and split
it up into three main sections. Above left you see the
piece of roving as it was dyed. Center left you can see
how I divided the red/orange sections from the blue/green sections and the purple/violet/aubergine sections. I
stripped these and spun them lengthwise, alternating one
strip from each hunk of color.
I took some lime green out of Sandy's darkest roving and combined that with my blue/green sections, alternating a
strip of each (below left). The resulting green and orange/red
yarns are shown below flanking a skein of one ply Sandy's
and one ply of my darker colorways.

Now the challenge is to knit something from these puppies. Stay tuned.

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