Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yoda! I did it!

Yoda! I did it! You showed me a lot of these techniques years ago, especially how to tease and coil, but I wasn't ready to let go. Was it a case of art yarns before art yarns were cool? No, I think it was a case of clutzy hands and fuzzy brain. Last weekend I took this great workshop from Jacey Boggs/Insubordiknit at Falcon Feather Fibers in Nashville. Guess I was finally ready, cuz with my current level of spinning expertise it's suddenly salad. It's so funny to think back on all the times I just wasn't ready to spin these yarns. I watched Luisa Gelenter spin tailspun without a core in 1985, en pointe no less. Lost on me. Fell in love with locks at Black Sheep in the 90s and watched you and another lady spin them "TTTW". I made a mess. Absolutely drank in Judith McKenzie McCuin's novelty art yarn class at SOAR 2000, then got dyslexic and forgot half of it (one loose, one tight, one to the left, one to the right, stand up, sit down, fight fight fight). Gotta say that Judith's new book Intentional Spinner and a few minutes with Rita Buchanan recently are largely responsible for my quantum leap in twist understanding of late. Of course for me it helps to understand what and why...not always the leap of faith type here. But this week I leaped big time...found myself corespinning without a core. That's right! It just happened. How sweet it is.

Jacey's class was a blast. Great teacher (thanks for all those awesome details and fine points...and new vocabulary...sargeshi indeed), great class...lots of friends, met lovely new people. Everyone did fabulous work (test of a really good teacher, BTW). I drank up being in the audience for a change, having fun at the wheel. I LOVE
corespinning and auto wrap. Coils and supercoils are fun too. My supersmooth yarn really looked sweet in supercoils...TWF City Nights BFL. Trying to get better at things like halos and tiny coils. Practice, practice.

Here's our fearless leader sporting a sargeshi shaped mustachio, soon to become a coil on a single. What a cool technique that is. Gotta practice that one too. This week I've been autowrapping like a madwoman, teasing, fluffing, corespinning...just because I can (see basket of goodies). Sweet. I'm posting these yarns on Etsy. More photos on flickr too. Now I need to get that danged drum carder back in action.