Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Starry Nite Scarf "Blazing Star"

 As I sit down to write, it has just started to snow. In these first few minutes of snowfall, the coin sized white flakes provide a frosty screen for a colored landscape. Tree trunks are mahogany and raisin, with a few tea colored leaves still hanging on, evergreen shades of ivy, pine and privet prevail. At the rate it's snowing, I wouldn't be surprized if most of that color disappears within the hour, leaving charcoal, evergreen and white.

But I digress. This is a post about color, nevertheless. I just finished a new version of my Starry Nite Scarf. (pattern is available on Ravelry and Etsy). I call this one Blazing Star because (as most Starry Nites knit from handspun) this is one of a kind. The yarn in this version is heavier than the original, more of an aran weight than a dk. That means that the stars are larger, the edging wider. And since the yarn was spun long draw from the fold, the colors are completely different and the feel much cushier.

There are four colorways (well, maybe a touch of a 5th) in this scarf. All are from Three Waters Farm BFL in Gloaming, Oaks and Hickories, Indian Corn and Cinco de Mayo. I believe I have a touch of Fall Apple Redux too, or Fall Apple Redux plied with Indian Corn. But the scarf would look just as stunning without that colorway included. BTW, Three Waters Farm was just reviewed in Knittyspin's Winter 2011 Fiber Fiesta. Check it out!

The beauty of spinning long draw, taking tufts of color and spinning them in sequence, is that the color bands in the yarn are very long and the colors change gradually, almost in a painterly gradation. I really love this scarf. I also deleted the triangles that turn the neck. Those of you who already have the pattern will know what I'm talking about.
I'm offering this finished scarf for sale on Etsy, just in time for Holiday gifting. This is the first time I've ever sold a finished Starry Nite. It's a gorgeous piece, and the finishing is sublime (like my finishing usually is). But if you want to spin and knit a similar one, you can get the colors from Three Waters Farm. If you don't see them listed, just convo Mary Ann and she'll fix you up.

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