Friday, November 18, 2011

Party 4 Paws

Party 4 Paws is tomorrow evening and we are all bustling about in preparation. This is Franklin County Humane Society's annual Fall Fundraiser and it's a good party! 6:00 - 8:30 PM, Saturday, November 19 at the Sewanee Inn in Sewanee, TN. Ticket price of $30 entitles you to swing up to a full bar, enjoy a fabulous buffet from the finest local restaurants,  and bid on the best silent auction we've had yet to date. There are some really fabulous items in that auction this year, such as a weekend at Three Oaks Guest House, a massage, a tarot reading, pottery and fiber art items from well-known local artisans, an auto winterization from Sewanee Auto, a cat spay or neuter, and lots of lovely Christmas items, and much much more. This year I started thinking of stuff I would want to bid on (the massage in particular, but many of the other items as well) and started asking around for these donations. Other members have been creative in their quest for auction items as well, and I am so happy to say that folks from our county and beyond have been particularly generous this year. Thanks, thanks, thanks to everyone who has helped to support FCHS and Animal Harbor!!! See you there!

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Sandy said...

sounds like a great event/party!! have fun and hope you raise lots of $$!