Monday, October 31, 2011

F in the B

 Fiber in the Boro was a great success last Saturday. What a gorgeous day it was, too, with tons of color everywhere. Brain child of Jan Quarles of Daily Fibers and friends Darlene Dralus, and Meredith Kermicle of Knaughty Knitter in Murfreesboro worked their buns off to bring everybody a great show and it paid off. I heard nothing but positive remarks all around. The arena was well lit (how rare is that?) and warm (also rare), full of quality local and national vendors, outfitted with clean facilities. Food was delicious and very reasonable. All in all, a great time was had by all.

My corespinning class was too short. We all wanted to stay another hour, but it wasn't to be. Nevertheless, everyone had a happy time spinning beautiful fibers. We tailspun some of Kim and Jane Caulfield's cotswold locks (top photo) from Far Out Farms(that's Jane smiling in the second photo). Lisa Olsen of Alpaca Atlantic in Manchester provided us with some really luscious barely blended fiber, carded from several animals. So we had camel/cream, camel/charcoal/cream, and charcoal/silver/cream and every blend was labeled with the names of the animals from whom the fibers came. Carol Larsen of Rivers Edge Fiber Arts from Michigan (that's Carol at the Sidekick wheel in the 4th photo) provided the class with gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous purple blend of merino, tencel, banana and milk fiber plus 7 colors of dyed bamboo for our handblending. She also provided me with spindles to teach an inpromptu overflow class in beginning drop spindling! Thanks to everyone for their generous support.

 I heard we had an "agility llama" at the fair. This photo is of the only llama that came as far as I could tell, so hopefully this is the one and only "agility llama". Since I was teaching most of the day I didn't get around to the vendors as much as I would like. I spent some time in the Daily Fibers booth (photo #3) while she set up for her sold out wet felting class. She had one vivid and luscious array of fiber, my handdyed silk scarves, and handwoven scarves, handspun and fabulous photo note cards by Christina Consiglio of Blue Leaf Arts (who also took all these photos here). Darlene did a fantastic job of holding down the fort between the arena and the classroom and although she dropped her mini walkie talkie about a hundred times, it still worked by the end of the day.

Tons of people came and everything is in place for a repeat performance next year, so if you missed out last Saturday, remember us next October!

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Hi there! Nice post. that's my booth in the bottom photo. Lots of my dyed cotswold locks. It was a FABULOUS fest! :-) Sue

Sandy said...

that looks like such fun!!