Monday, July 18, 2011

One Gorgeous Skein

Mary Spanos just sent me this skein she spun from some of my fiber from Dubose in May. Mary couldn't make it to Dubose as she had planned this year, so Mary Kaiser took her my OOAK hank of "Blue Smoke" superwash bfl and this is what she spun from it. Gad zooks! Anybody want to wager a guess as to how many yards are in this skein? It's in line to become a lace stole at this point. Now I want to see the stole!

Mary is a Textile Anthropologist at the University of South Alabama, working primarily in Native American textiles. You can read more about her here. She has recreated some of the clothing worn by local tribes. And she's a consumate spinner with the most amazing skill and aesthetic.

This fiber was dyed in an immersion bath. Those of you who will be in my Harrisville Class two weeks from today, we'll be working with this particular technique on this exact fiber. I love it because there is no repeat pattern...color hits entirely at random. It can be so subtle, even subtler than this, or much wilder. It's all in the hand of the dyer.


Mary S said...

Thanks for the lovely complement Lynne! The skein weighs about 3.6 ounces and is 880 yards long (it only looks longer). I started knitting the stole last night and I love this yarn. Your colors are beautiful and the fiber doesn't feel like superwash, it feels wooly.

Lynne said...

You are so welcome, Mary. Every time I see you, you are working on something exquisite. Looks like you have plenty of yardage for the stole. I couldn't remember how much fiber was in that hank, but I thought it was around 4 ounces, maybe more. Please send a photo when you finish the stole.

Mary in A2 said...

oooohhhhh! Nice!!