Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fern Spiral Socks

Fern Spiral Socks
 I had so much fun designing fingerless gloves that I completely forgot about socks. Me? Forget about socks? Pish. Anyway, here's my new sock pattern, Fern Spiral Socks. It's a mate to my Fern Spiral Fingerless Gloves. You can buy this pattern at my Ravelry Store even if you aren't a member of Ravelry. Purchase gives you immediate access to a downloadable PDF! Cool, huh. Of course you can buy it at my Etsy Store too, but you'll have to wait for me to email you the PDF. I love the Ravelry Store.

Like my Fern Spiral and Spiraling Leaves Fingerless Gloves, the spiral pattern twists in opposite directions on each sock for a mirror image effect. This is a very fun sock to knit. I knit mine with Ashland Bay La Grande 100% superwash merino sportweight yarn. If you are a handspinner, you would shoot for a wpi of 16. Yarn buyers, look on your yarn labels for a recommended gauge in stockinette of 6 1/2 sts per inch on US 2/2.75mm. Some great yarn subs are Shi Bui Sock, Dream in Color Smooshy, anything dyed on Louet Gems or La Grande. I dyed mine with eucalyptus leaves and madder root, au naturel.
If you have tiny or narrow feet, you can knit the sock with finer yarn on US 0/2.00mm or US1/2.75mm needles. As shown, these socks fit a women's medium to large foot.

I wrote this pattern for double pointed needles because it is the best way to keep track of your lace pattern. That makes this very user friendly to those who are new to lace in the round. We like user friendly.


Fern Spiral Fingerless Gloves

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