Friday, July 08, 2011

Harrisville: August 1-5, 2011

Just want to get the word out that there are still some openings in my Harrisville Designs "Dye, Spin, Knit" workshop August 1-5. This is a rare opportunity due to this slower than slow year for us all. This class is usually full in December with a waiting list. But this is a different kind of year. If you've wanted to join us and haven't been able to get in these past years, give it a try. Call the Weaving Center at 603 827-3996 to make your reservation.

This year we're going to have the opportunity to do a little immersion dyeing. In past years we haven't been able to swing this, but I think we can do it this year because I will have the marvelous assistance of Jan Quarles who has been in this class as a participant for all but one of my 5 years. We'll also work a little bit with fleece this year...a touch of curly fleece, the kind that makes great tailspun and curly lock-spun yarns. They are amazing dyed both in immersion and by direct application, so you'll get to try something new in addition to discovering and experimenting with many ways to use handpainted rovings in your spinning.

It's a one of a kind experience too. Great company, laid back atmos, historical setting, great food. And long uninterrupted hours of fiber play. mmmmmmmmmmmm. Remember that this is mainly a spinning and dyeing class. You should know how to spin and be comfortable spinning a stable yarn on either a spindle or wheel. You don't need a lick of dye experience. You'll get that when you come. Knitting is just an adjunct to yarn if you are a weaver or crocheter, hooker or felter, you can get a lot out of this class and even try your yarns and fibers in your favorite medium. I like to think of my class as having enough structure to keep you going but not so much to hold you back:-).


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