Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Huntsville Fiber Guild: Class at the Flying Monkey

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting with the Huntsville Fiber Guild for a great class at the Flying Monkey Theater in Huntsville, AL on Saturday and Sunday. This was a very talented and adventurous group, with visitors from Orlando, Asheville, and Tuscaloosa. We spun active singles and knit and crocheted the most beautiful motifs with these yarns. Some were so subtle, light as a feather, some were wildly colorful. Beth B took her bobbin home on Saturday evening and crocheted this awesome composition with the samples that remained on that bobbin. As you can probably see, she started in the center with TWF Mother of Pearl and followed the colors as they came off the bobbin, changing her direction accordingly. When she ran out of Mother of Pearl, the yarn changed to a combination drafted single (looks like First Bloom and Fall Apple
Redux...Beth correct me if I"m wrong. The neutrals of this combo make for a deep, glowing background to the composition.
Vicki, our "unapologetic crocheter", had a fine time with active singles in this little ripple piece.

You can tell by the big picture that a good time was had by all. We'll have to do this again soon. Awesome work!!!!

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