Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Harrisville Spin Dye Knit

Finally sitting down to blog. Gad the time slips away. I never got around to blogging how amazing my Harrisville spin/dye/knit class was this year way back in August. Joe in the loom shop made an outside station for the dye microwaves and we had no problems in the dye class this year. All the intense fumes were outside and everyone was in the loveliest zen because of it. On Friday morning everyone spread out all their handdyes on the floor of the classroom and the beauty of the display had me verklept and begging for tissues. Yes, we'll do this again next year. To thank Joe and all the workers in the loom shop who went out of their way to make this successful, we presented a blueberry coffee cake in a box signed by the class. We all went in as a class to present it to Joe and he blushed to the roots. Thanks everybody!!!

Holly's felted scarf (above left) was a roving that she washed a little too exuberantly and it was a little too felted to spin, so she meticulously laid it out on bubble wrap, added a little cross hatching and felted it into a scarf. Beth was able to get the clear summer pastel tints she loves (upper right) and Marilla crocheted this cellphone bag (spun from a Fall Apple Redux roving) in the time it took us to have our closing talk on Friday.
That weekend I went up to McDowell to the artists open house. They had strung tons of yarn on tent poles, a work in progress, so I added my two cents with Harrisville yarn. Mine is actually knitted in place, crude as it is. Yep...I had to kitchener to do this..with my fingers no less.

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