Thursday, March 26, 2009

Goat Cuteness

Goats are dogs with horns. They are socially oriented communicators, opportunists, easily trained and tameable. My vet's assistant mortifies her 14 yr old daughter by driving into the school parking lot with the family goat in the front seat, heat lolling out the open window, bleating. That's dog status if you ask me. Goats are cool.
Recently I went to Elizabeth's for a mini photo shoot (that's her in my new Undulation Scarf below). She is our local "egg lady", delivering beautiful white, brown and green (worthy of Martha Stewart) eggs from chickens that do what they want, when they want, even climb trees to eat
 fresh apples. 

This time
 around (it being spring) there were baby goats in abundance. They ran to the fence to greet me and hit me up for treats. As I'm coming to learn, milk goats are often bottle fed to tame them early on. They see humans (we all look alike, you know) as
 milk bottles. So when these guys ran up to me and I put my hand in to pet them, the little grey faced darling butted my hand like it was an udder, then looked up at me like this. When they decided I was milkless, and probably wasn't getting the picture, the smartest one decided to make his plea more obvious by sitting in the feed bucket. Can't help but wonder not "if" animals think we're stupid, but "how" in "how stupid is that?" how.

Here's Elizabeth in the Undulation. I've written patterns for both scarf and cuffs and you'll find them listed separately on my Etsy store. These are easy patterns as lace patterns go...all pattern stitches work on right side rows. Everyone who has tried the cuffs on has wanted a pair. These are knit in Sierra Cascade, a mostly cotton blend. This duo is very well suited for vegetable fiber yarns.

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Abby said...

"dogs with horns" - HA! Now I want goats more than ever!