Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boucle Version of Ripple

Pat Harder of Kid Hollow Farm gifted me with this lovely skein of her kid mohair boucle yarn. I’m not sure of the colorway, but it’s one she does a lot. Her yarns are amazingly beautiful, and she has loads of gorgeous colorways. So I knit Ripple extra long…36 rectangles…on a 60” Addi Turbo circular US 10 1/2 needle. I ran out of Pat’s gorgeous yarn, but had a 200 yd skein of Mary Ann’s kid mohair silk boucle in a "Mountain View" (olive, gold and blue), so I finished the edging with that. It took probably 600 yds in all. When Mary Ann’s daughter Lilliana saw the scarf, she started dancing around with it in total ecstacy and I knew then it had to be hers.

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