Saturday, December 27, 2008

She Did It Again

Lori did it again!

Here's her second version of my Starry Nite Scarf. Lori spun most of the handspun yarns featured here from merino cashmere rovings I dyed last year. She spun the yarn in the Sierras on vacay, and saved them for the perfect project. I love the turquoise accents. Bold. Graphic.

Amazingly, she finished scarf #2 four days after finishing scarf #4. That's a quick knit. See her full story on her blog.


Sandy said...

OH WOW! that is stunning and the colors are wonderful. goood job and bravo to you both!

Anonymous said...

Fun pattern, Lynne! I just got an 'invitation' be your buddy on AIM?? Only when I went there, I couldn't find you...anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Lynne said...

Thanks. As for the AIM, I tried to invite one person to video chat and it sent an invite to my entire contact list. Ooooops. Sorry to everybody for the inconvenience. I chat so infrequently that many friends thought I'd accidently sent them a virus.

Happy New Year!