Friday, December 12, 2008

Fiber Available for Starry Nite

Starry Nite is my newest design and already it's becoming the most popular pattern on my Etsy store. I designed and knit the original with my own 2-ply handspun BFL yarn as an example for my color classes so they could have a very cool project to knit with their color experiments. Now you can buy the fibers I used in the original scarf at Three Waters Farm's Etsy store. I used 6 colorways: Mediterranean, African Sunset, Lounge Lizard, Radicchio, City Nights and Black Hollyhocks. Of course as always, I threw in extra colorways here and there. Can't help it. But you can get a very similar effect from using as few as three of the above colorways. By plying them on themselves and on each other you can spin at least 6 different constantly changing coordinating yarns. My two-ply worsted weight Blue Faced Leicester wool scarf weighs 5 oz. 

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