Sunday, January 04, 2009

Star Flower Cuffs

I am totally in love with these easy to knit cuffs, inspired by my Starry Nite Scarf. You can find the pattern for sale at my Etsy Store.  I'm wearing them when I spin, knit, write at the computer. They never get in the way, never restrict my movement. And they are so quick to knit. Using less than 100 yards of yarn, you can find many yarns ready and waiting in your stash. This pattern has instructions for both versions shown here, one in heavy worsted weight and one in sport weight handspun. I used two colorways of LV ltd for Three Waters Farm Blue-faced Leicester fiber to spin the worsted weight yarn; "Lounge Lizard" and "African Sunset", one ply each plied together into a two ply handspun. For the sport weight cuffs I used the same fiber in the "Delphiniums" colorway.

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Sandy said...

very pretty. i was spinning some African sunset last night and wondering what i would do with it.