Thursday, May 03, 2012


Check out Verdant Gryphon @ Maryland Sheep & Wool.
Ask them for a coupon code for 20% off my pattern
Heart of the Lotus.
 I recently bought this gorgeous skein of Bugga! from Verdant Gryphon. Fell in love with this yarn when I designed Heart of the Lotus in Alderfly. This one is Carpathian Blue Slug. Mossy green rocks beneath bottle green lake surface w/fish in sunlight. Sublime. Woods now glow in these colors in the last hour of the day. Thematic of deepest comfort.

iphone drawing
More on the verdant theme... a phone drawing after the zebra grass on a visit to Rita's.

See this and other Superfluity Kits at the Three Waters Farm
booth at Maryland Sheep &Wool this weekend.
Main Exhibition Hall B-23

A TWF Olive Brittle Superfluity Kit.
detail Alice W
Alice W
Closeup of a favorite (left hand corner).
The favorite. It hangs in my studio...a print of an actual frame from the movie...had it since the movie came out...treasured possession, my Alice W.

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