Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Original Work On Display at Maryland

Original work is a hard copy, one in the hand. What it's not. "Wouldn't that look good in..." "What if I tried this..." "Wow, nice photo...gotta pin that". Original work is the actual piece (yippee) spun and knit by the designer. You can touch it, feel it, wrap it around you. You can see two of them at Maryland Sheep and Wool this weekend.

The only thing I didn't do is dye the fiber. But I did design the colorways, and Mary Ann Pagano, master dyer, took it from there. We both decided how great it would be to have an example of her fiber spun answer the question "What if I tried this." So I took two of my most popular patterns and worked them up in some of TWF's new colorways. To have it there so you can feel it, touch it, squeeze it, and, if so inclined, even buy it. Yep. We wanted you to be able to answer the question, "What if I tried this..."

And, they are both for sale...a rarity for sure.

Charlene in Starry Bangladesh is a jewel-in-the-crown version of Starry Nite. Colorways: Charlene, Bangladesh, and Mary Ann's Black Zinnias from her new Black Floral series. I couldn't help but touch it with a couple whiffs of Hurricane and Olive Medley. Think of red wine under a deep purple night sky with city lights reflecting in a calm bay. Storm clouds build on the horizon, but for now all is still, dark, rich, radiant.

Olive Bamboo Justify showcases my new colorways Olive Brittle, Olive Blossoms and Bamboo & Dogwood in an old standby, originally designed to Justify your Stash. Imagine a marriage of olive orchards (muy mediterranean) and blooming dogwood trees (so southern) with benches made from bamboo upon which to take in the beauty.

Both pieces are spun from the fold, lofty and soft, in 100% BFL wool. You can buy the fiber in the Three Waters Farm booth (B23 in the Main Exhibition Hall) at Maryland Sheep and Wool, or online at their website or Etsy store.

And remember, TWF will be having a raffle, with three awesome prizes to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

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