Monday, November 16, 2009

Underwater Treadmill

Finally took pics of Monk in the underwater treadmill. Just look at the little champion. This amazing contraption has helped so many dogs regain and maintain mobility. With the water level at hip level, 60% of the weight of impact is removed. Coupled with the fact that the muscles work harder against water the dog is able to really work out without the jarring impact of landing. I've been taking Monk for therapy for several winters, relying on our warm watered lakes for his exercise in the summertime. As long as Monk stays strong, he'll be able to be an active dog in spite of advanced arthritis with elbow and hip dysplasia. Aussies like Monk don't know the meaning of retirement, even if they can't do backflips anymore. This year I've been taking him to see Cassy Englert for added benefits of laser therapy and PT before and after his treadmill session. Just today Monk was able to flex his elbows to 70 degrees for the first time in a long time, and he can now extend his front legs nearly straight. When we started back into therapy about 3 weeks ago, he had so much swelling in those elbows and they were nearly frozen at a 90 degree angle. Now all the fluid pockets have disappeared and his elbows are much smaller and more mobile. We are so amazingly fortunate that this great therapy is available in Chattanooga, and that there are wonderful, dog loving therapists like Cassy to keep the canine member of our family happy and mobile.


Meg said...

I want one of those treadmills for myself. Love Monk's eyes -- I could stare into them forever. Glad such good help is available. Give him ear scritches from me.

Abby said...

I wish we had physical rehab for pets around here. My dog blew out her ACL and took forever to get even close to normal after the surgery. Monk is quite the trooper!

ewemaniac said...

It's wonderful to see the old guy doing so well. It is a testament to your care and love. I hope he keeps barking at me when I come over.