Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sheep Apps

Nothing makes Sandy Sitzman, alias Twisted Mom, chuckle quicker than an animated sheep. There is something so silly about them that she can't help herself. The first chuckle is very quiet, followed by another and another. Soon (it must be the sound of her own laughter) chuckles built upon chuckles and she becomes infectious to herself and others. It was with the memory of her in full roll that I bought my first sheep app; Sheep Launcher. With a tap of the screen I sent my ruminant skyward to strains of Johann Strauss (the holiday version plays the Alleluia chorus) and the memory of Sandy gasping for breath. I held the animal aloft with successive taps, higher and higher, into the stratosphere, the troposphere, and finally into outer space. When I failed to tap the sheep accurately, it plummeted earthward with a long wailing scream. I wished I could have handed the phone to Sandy so she could have launched her own sheep skyward (that is if she could have stopped laughing), but we've been on opposite sides of the country since I got the thing.

This morning as I was syncing my phone to upload recent photos of Monk, etc, I discovered to my delight that there is a new sheep app; Sheep Stacker. It was on my phone with the tap of the free button and soon I was stacking sheep. You tap the sheep as it swings pendulously from a swinging suction cup and it lands on the stack of ruminants below. If you stack perfectly, you get a nickel. If you miss, you knock sheep off your stack and they bleat so sadly as they tumble. I'm going to have to hide this one from myself, as it is very addicting, and doesn't make me quite as dizzy as Sheep Launcher. I stacked all my sheep on the free version...may have to get the full-on app soon. Sandy, you need this. Life will never be the same again.

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Sandy said...

oh man!! you got me laughing just thinking about it... and that started me guffawing about the llama llama song, and dancing gophers and whack-a-mole!! so, i had to go check on these sheep apps... and sadly i find that they are for iphone and i don't have one (~sob~)