Friday, July 25, 2008

Superfluity Yarn Kits: New on Etsy

Superfluity was easily the most popular item in our booth at the Monteagle Assembly Bazaar Wednesday. The only negative we heard was that we didn't sell needles to go with the kit (needles are hard to come by on the mountain). Several bazaar goers considered learning to knit so they could make their own. Many asked if the yarns were available online and of course the answer is yes. At Three Waters Farm.

Three Waters Farm now has an etsy shop. Superfluity kits are the first available item, so now you can buy the pattern from me at my etsy shop, then buy the yarn from Three Waters Farm's etsy shop without even logging off etsy. How convenient is that? It's a great way to showcase these yarn kits. Even though they come in standard colorways, such as Cousteau above, or the original Fall Riff on the model, no two kits are exactly alike. 

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