Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Our Buddy Rover

I know this is a knitting blog, but sometimes life presses me to chose other subjects. Many of you know I'm a volunteer for our local no-kill animal shelter Animal Harbor in Belvedere, TN run by the Franklin County Humane Society. My primary function is socialization and canine moral support. Recently James and I brought Rover home with us as a foster dog to prepare him to show in Sewanee's annual 4th of July Mutt Show. Since Rover has been at the shelter long enough to earn himself "halfway home" status, meaning he's half the fee to a good home, we thought he should have the publicity and spotlight of the dog show, hoping to find him a forever home. We made tshirts with his likeness coming and going (shown here) and entered him in "Owner Lookalike". He even won a trophy. Good dog! You can see photos or Rover in the ring at My Daily Snap. Just scroll down to July 4th. That's me holding the sign in the first photo, with Linda Cockburn of Copia's Dacshunds, a new volunteer to Animal Harbor and local trainer, groomer, etc handling Rover. I had no idea Robley, author of My Daily Snap, was going to blog about Rover...this was totally spontaneous on her part.

So even with a successful show, lots of local support, lots of good wishes, no one has called to actually  adopt Rover. If you want to know more about him, see my Animal Harbor Dog Blog. 

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