Saturday, August 25, 2012


Last spring I stood on the bluff at Cloudland Canyon and watched the thunderheads billowing in the updrafts. It was tornado season and after the crazy twisters of spring 2011 I had my eye to the sky. I could feel the cool mist from the updrafts cutting through the warm, humid air and they were blowing the lightest strands of hair from my face as effortlessly as they threw cabling strands of cumulus heavenwards.

Then I discovered Malabrigo Finito on a trip to Haus of Yarn in Nashville. I fell in love with the cloudlike softness and the delectable colors. Paloma was the first one in my basket.
It wasn't surprising then when I had the urge to knit spiraling cables.

my newest offering
I tried various forms, but I wasn't happy with the feel of the fabric. Cables tend to bind, draw in. I wanted this glove to feel espansive, like a second skin, totally pliable, like clouds for the hands. So I came up with a lace pattern that looks like cables. Now this pattern is available for purchase and download on Ravelry as Cloudland.

Although the Cloudland Canyon State Park website doesn't talk about it, this was once Cherokee land before the Removal and Trail of Tears. It was more than likely sacred land and unpopulated. I wish I knew more about its history, more about the woodland era in Southeastern Tennessee and  Northwest Georgia. I'm glad Cloudland is still wild land, with the few trails that were once built in the '30s falling to rack and ruin. It's such a contrast, this place, to it's commercial sister Rock City on the eastern face of Lookout Mountain and I hope it stays this way for a very long time to come. In an era where it seems more and more difficult to preserve land from development, this is still sacred land in that regard. These gloves in a very small way are my blessing to this land.

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Liana said...

I too love Cloudland. DH & I used to visit often when we lived near Rome, GA. gorgeous and so are your new mitts