Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 Mooney's is the new happenin' place around Sewanee these days. It's the store you always dreamed about...a little of this, a little of that, and yarn! Joan Thomas has made her dream come true by resurrecting a dilapidated old local market and creating this fresh, new, imaginative store. Perhaps you've already seen the "virtual tour" on Mason Dixon Knitting's July 7th post. Ann Shayne, who summers at the Monteagle Assembly, came by and really did the place justice. So go check that out, then come back here for more. And, you can like Mooney's on Facebook here.
Claire at her wheel
Lucca Dot Yarn
Heather's Felted Cats


One of the star attractions of Mooney's is Claire Cabe's Lucca Dot Yarn. Claire spins in the shop on odd days, cranking out bangola bright artsy yarns with her charismatic flair and style. How many times have you wished there was a store that carried OOAK handspuns, indie yarns, sari silk and handpainted fiber? New things show up every day, such as the new handpainted spinning fiber from Daily Fibers. Yarn stores don't often carry these kinds of yarns in any quantity because their bread and butter comes from popular commercial yarns that come with tons of pattern support. But at Mooney's, their bread and butter really is bread and butter! Fresh garden produce brought in daily, organic yogurt, local cheeses, health foods (even Bobo Bars!!!).'s the only place on the mountain where you can count on finding decent dark chocolate from such purveyors as Equal Exchange, Chocolove and Endangered Species.
yard art

There is tons more art at Mooney's than just yarn. You'll fall in love with Heather's Creations...felted animals loaded with personality. Yard art at its whimsical best graces the face of the adorable awninged storefront. And there are several rooms full of beautiful antiques, including some gorgeous vintage crossstitch samplers, furniture and glassware.

Mooney's is on 41A between Sewanee and Monteagle, TN. It's open 7 days a week from 10 - 6. Stop by next time you come this way.


nestra said...

Sounds fabulous!

daisywaite said...

Absolutely love this new artist, Heather ! Her handcrafted woodsey creatures beg to be taken home !