Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mr Peabody and the Wayback Machine

These ultra cool old timey photos taken in rural Clarke County, Mississippi in the 1920s, have more than a little meaning for me. These ladies are from my motherline. On the back of the top photo Tempie writes, "Pearl, Josie, Tempie. We were just up from having measles-just after Christmas-was the first time Pearl & Josie had dressed to get out after being sick-measles did not hurt me." Josie is my grandmother and these are her sisters, dated 1924. I'm amazed that they looked so stylish...bobbed hair, dropped waist dresses. This is just about the only photo remaining of Grandma Jo from that era. I heard so many stories about these people, but never got to meet them. Tempie especially...she was quite a gal. I can't help but think of Skeeter Phelan from The Help when I see her photo. 

This second photo is the only one we could find of my great grandmother Penelope and we are talking piles and piles of photos. She stands with Pearl and Tempie (this one really looks like Skeeter to me). Penelope probably made every stitch of clothing in the photo. From mom's stories, P could spin, knit, weave, sew, you name it. No wonder my mom went to art school in fashion design and why I can't leave the fiber alone. Penelope also bore 11 children 9 surviving, ran a household, ministered to the neighboring sick and childbearing and all of this while living on a farm. Makes me feel positively idle riche to think of it. Time to get crackin'.

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Meg said...

Tempie sure does look like my mental image of Skeeter! I can see you in your grandmother's face, Lynne. Aren't old family photos fun?