Friday, November 12, 2010

Soap and Vogue

As I was lathering up with Three Waters Farm Handmade True Soap this morning, I realized I've never sung it's praises. What took me so long? This is the most marvelous stuff. I don't know about you, but I have very sensitive skin and this lovely traditionally made goat milk soap is always kind and effective. Mary Ann has been tucking bars into fiber and yarn shipments ever since I've known her, keeping me well supplied. And at SAFF last month she brought me the bestest of the best bonus...a bag of soap ends! In all sorts of flavors as well. A felter's dream come true, since I can leave My hands in these suds for ages without ill effects. I LOVE it. If you haven't experienced this perfect, practical, minimalist artisan bar, go here and check it out.  It's made from purest goatmilk, milked by hand. The fragrances are delightful, but never overbearing. My personal faves are Oatmeal Lavender, Palmarosa Rosewood and Bay Rum (which is like root beer and spice...yummy) and of course unscented. Very few soapmakers these days even offer and unscented bar.
There's nothing off the wall about this soap. It's a sensible rectangular shape. I like this because when the bar gets really thin, I can stick it to a new bar and make it go longer. That isn't so easy to do with fancy shapes. It has no dyes either...a real plus for those of us who have enough dye in our lives already. And the fragrance is mild, just enough to enjoy but not enough to follow you around for hours.

Before I get off the soapbox I just have to mention how flattered I was to receive totally unsolicited mention in the Holiday Vogue Knitting. Kelly Wills writes a column about web knit offerings called "Give a Knit" in which she gave the Justify Spinning Kit a lovely plug. Thanks, Kelly!

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