Friday, July 17, 2009

Spin, Crochet, Knit at Harrisville Designs

There is still some room in my 3-day Spinning for Colorwork Knitting workshop at Harrisville Designs, Aug 10-12, 2009. This is a short version of my longer spin, dye, knit class Aug 3-7 without the dyeing portion of the workshop. We should really call it, spin, crochet, knit. We'll explore spinning both active singles and plied yarns from handpainted rovings by knitting and crocheting small motifs and arranging them in a free form composition. This is a great way to understand how to use handpaints, and an opportunity to just knit and crochet with little or no pattern and let the yarn show you where to go. Before long you'll be able to introduce the color sequences you want into your yarns, or just simply relish the language of the yarn. I'll provide instruction on colorwork techniques such as mosaic, intarsia and entrelac for those interested. You should be comfortable spinning at the wheel or spindle and know how to either knit or crochet or both (not required that you know both). The main purpose of this class is to provide an exciting and supportive environment for experimentation, exploration and understanding of spinning, crocheting and knitting with multicolored yarns. For more photos, see my pages at flickr and ravelry.

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