Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It's just about a month till the world's biggest fiber party ever, NY Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck. It's like be there or be square. Fur shure.

Announcing a change to my teaching schedule. I'll still be teaching a two day color spinning class Thursday and Friday, but instead of Lace Knitting in the Round, I'll be teaching a half day beginning spinning class Saturday afternoon. It's for first time spinners and we'll use drop spindles to spin my handpainted roving. If you've been wanting to learn to spin, this is a very easy, step by step class. Plus we play a little with color so it's anything but boring. I'll bring an assortment of groovy spindles from some of the woodworking artists represented at the festival, so you'll have a chance to try some of the spindles out before shopping. 
The class is half full but there's room for a few more. Sign up soon. 


Sandy said...

The class was fantastic. I have been spinning every day since and it is really clicking. Still have a lot to learn as my yarn is thicker than i would like but more even--- i am not dropping my spindle and i only have to park the spindle every now and then. I splurged on several different spindles at Rhinebeck of varying weight and design and am enjoying moving between them. I am saving your roving for when i am more consistent.


Lynne said...

Awesome, Sandy! The Bosworths said you had been by their booth. Remember that you can draft your fiber into thinner yarn and that this will come naturally as soon as you have a handle on the other mechanics. There are some good tutorials on Interweave.com and may be lots more on the web that I"m unaware of. See if you can find a video on you tube. As you gain skill, it will all make more sense to you!

Happy Spinning!