Monday, March 03, 2008


Superfluity is my new mobius wrap, designed especially for Three Waters Farm to show off their gorgeous handpainted yarn. This is an easy to knit wrap in five yarns, mohair boucle, mohair/silk boucle, wool boucle and two different colorways of merino/alpaca worsted weight. Mary Ann at Three Waters Farm is now offering this in kit form on their website and will also feature the kit in the Three Waters Farm booth at Maryland Sheep and Wool in May.  
If you want the pattern without the yarn now, I'll be posting it on my etsy store soon.
I love this wrap. It's cozy, warm and feminine. Easy to knit. Fun colors (knit in these or chose your own).



That wrap is s-o-o-o-o-o cute!! This is one of the neatest knit patterns you've done. You go, girlfriend!

Rina said...

So very beautiful !!
I love your patterns :-)
I knitted the Tiny Triangle and Spiralling Leaves fingerless gloves also.
kind regards from Switzerland

Birthe P said...

What a beautiful wrap!
Greetings from Birthe P, Denmark