Friday, February 08, 2008

I Dyed Some Yarn

(Update as of 5 hrs's all sold. Every last inch. Thanks!!!! L)
Yeah...believe it or not I actually dyed some yarn. Many of you know how rare this is. What with two eye surgeries this year and a growing chemical sensitivity to acid dyes, not to mention second stage water restriction in Sewanee, I'm not doing much dyeing these days. But the weather was positively balmy the other day so I couldn't resist. After waking up with sandpaper eyeballs the next day I can tell you it won't happen often. So there are two colorways left of Merino/Bamboo Sock Yarn (one has already been purchased in toto). I posted one 300 yd skein of each remaining colorway on ETSY...Abalone and Sea Anemone. That's Sea Anemone on the left. It's a little darker than that in reality. The digital camera cannot do justice to Abalone. Just can't pick up the mauves and pale lavender greys. It's almost icy, this skein.

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Sandy said...

totally luscious... both of them! yum.....