Sunday, January 20, 2008

My new ETSY Shop

Check out my new ETSY Shop! This should make it much easier for you to buy my patterns. Soon I should have some handspun yarn posted here as well, so keep checking back. Am adding new stuff all the time. You'll find my newest pattern there, Spiralling Leaves Fingerless Gloves (top). These are so fun to knit, with leaf motifs that spiral in opposite directions...right for the right hand, left for left. I knit these from Capistrano Fiber Arts superwash merino sock yarn.
Please see the new link to Three Waters Farm. If you haven't checked this out yet, see some of my official colorways that Mary Ann at TWF is dyeing on fiber and yarn. The gorgeous winter blend "Mansock", featured on my Tiny Triangle Fingerless Gloves  (bottom, pattern available on ETSY) is available at Three Waters Farm. You can get it in fingering weight, sport weight, or fiber. If you don't see it, just email Mary Ann and she'll dye it up for you. She also has fiber kits for my Justify pattern on Winter 2007.


Meg said...

Yay for Etsy shops! Do you plan to add an RSS feed so we can keep up with updates?

How's Monk doing?


natasha said...

so lovely! your nails look great too! i dye and spin too much to bother with nails anymore:) welcome to etsy!

Lynne said...

Those lovely hands belong to my friend Jan! I wish my nails looked that great.