Saturday, October 06, 2007

Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio

Many of you know that Lori Lawson of Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio in Southern California and I collaborated on two of the sweaters in the gallery of Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters. Lori has been selling her handpainted yarn and rovings for a while now, but has only had a sporadic web presence. I am really happy to say that she is finally getting serious about offering her work online, so if you aren't familiar with her gorgeous stuff, please check it out. Not only does she have some of the most beautiful yarn and fiber around, she also offers pattern support.
Especially cool is the yarn she spun from a recent trade of ours. The trade came about when I accidently dyed some merino/cashmere/angora to spin thinking it was merino/tussah. Sheesh. I'm allergic to unspun angora and cashmere...what was I thinking? So we traded. Here's a taste of what I'm doing with my yarn from our fiber trade.

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