Sunday, October 22, 2006

dog blog

Just have to share the new dog blog from our local no-kill shelter. (I can say that this is fiber related because from time to time a really nice fiber dog will show up at the shelter...and I try to get the word out about them, though most locals aren't spinners and don't know about cheingora.)I used to be on the board of Sewanee Animal Rescue League a few years ago before it merged with Frankin County Humane Society's Animal Harbor. I cleaned the shelter (an alpaca barn donated by a community member) twice a week and really got to know the 20 odd dogs in the process. I can remember dog's names when I can't remember people (blush) and can tell the difference between members of a litter of 10 identical black dogs. It's amazing rewarding work, but also very stressful. When a my parents needed me in California, I resigned from the shelter. Now that I have a little time, I've been volunteering again in the best of all ways...socialization. I love to visit the dogs, spend quality time and get to know them one on one. Although the marvelous shelter staff gives them plenty of love and attention and even some training, the day often goes by before they can spend a lot of time with each individual, so I've started a little bit of rudimentary training to support the staff. There are several dogs at the shelter now that have been there for a long time. They are wonderful dogs but have just been passed up time and time again. Both Sarah Doyi and I have started working actively to find homes for these long timers, so I started the dog blog. Here we will post our experiences with these dogs in hopes that prospective adopters will take a closer look at our friends in need of a forever home. End of sermon.
PS: That's Calvin in the photo.

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hokeypokey7 said...

Thanks so much for your work with the dogs - I wish I could adopt many more sweet creatures. And your blog made me want to go today and adopt more! But, alas, city statutes limit us to 3 companions per house lot! grrrrrr....